HEXaREL™ is creating exponential growth in new material development because of its magical features and properties. It has been incorporated in fabrics in such a way that it can enable a multitude of properties such as anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-odor, anti-static, better absorption and wicking of water, thermal regulating effect and ultraviolet protection without compromising the hand-feel, texture and visual aspects of the final fabric.

Typically, the industry uses different additives to generate each of these performance in the fabric and that leads to the addition of extra processing steps, cost, manpower and time as well. But, by using HEXaREL™ -based ink we have eliminated the usage of many additives and extra processing steps required to demonstrate its 8 in 1 properties. Due to this, the carbon footprint required to manufacture and integrate the fabric into its intended application is lower.

These superior features along with green product ,have less impact on environment compared to conventional functional products making HEXaREL™ versatile solution in multiple high end functional & smart textile industry.